December 2023

Last week, I took up my new position as assistant professor of Global and European Political Economy at the Brussels School of Governance and I could not be happier.

I am delighted to take up a range of new functions, including directing BSoG’s Global Business and Entrepreneurship study program together with Sven Van Kerckhoven.

My research will focus on the political economy of green finance and international migration, closely linked to the Centre for Environment, Economy and Energy and the Centre for Migration, Diversity and Justice.

I am very thankful for the time and support I received at the IAW of Universität Bremen. The past two years was incredibly helpful to me in further improving my research. In this regard, I want to thank particularly Martin Seeliger and Christof Roos (Uni Flensburg), with whom I worked closely on migration within the EU, as well as Irene Dingeldey.

Please reach out in case you are coming to Brussels!